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Taking into account money received for players leaving, QPR invested a net £22million in transfer fees in January, while becoming contractually obliged for more than £75million in salaries. But Redknapp bridled at the suggestion that the club’s future had been gambled on the pricey personnel who, it is hoped, might keep them in the Premier League.

Nevertheless, for a club that already spends far more than 100 per cent of their income on wages, the fight against relegation will not be cheap. Samba alone is said to cost some £100,000 a week. How can QPR keep adding to their bills every window? “Everyone has gone overboard because there were one or two players who came on frees who got big wages. But when you ring up clubs and ask for a player you suddenly find there are a lot around now unfortunately earning that type of money.”

He wondered where this idea that QPR pay their players too much came from. Well, here is a clue. “There are a lot of players at this club who earn far too much money; far too much money for their ability and what they give to the club. You shouldn’t be paying massive wages when you’ve got a stadium that holds 18,000 people.”

Who said that? Oh yes, Redknapp. The transfer window, however, seems to have altered his view. “I’ve not bought any players who have underperformed,” he said. “If they perform like they can, then I’ve got no problems.”

Indeed, if anything, he would have liked this transfer window to have added further to the wage bill. He wanted Peter Crouch, but found Stoke would not sell him.

He was unhappy that the Odemwingie deal fell through even though the forward wanted to sign. “He’ll probably get some stick now but a lot of people in football get stick, don’t they?” Not least those in control of QPR’s accounts.

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